Close to your heart

Lord, I miss being close to your heart.

I feel disconnected.

When I’m close to your heart, I feel serene and calm.

I see good.

I smile.

When I’m close to your heart, i feel these things even when things aren’t going well.

When I’m close to your heart bad days are still blessings.

Sadness is different because hope is present.

Lord, I know you never left me but help me to feel close to you again.


Slippers and answered prayers

I looked down at my slippers today with love.  They are these LL Bean woolen mules.  What I love about them is the dog image that spreads across both slippers, half the dog on one foot and half on the other.  I have wanted these slippers for a long time.  Finally, with a good deal on EBay , I got them!

I looked down today and thought, why didn’t I buy these a long time ago?  They make me so happy!  Then I questioned, would I love them so much if I had got them right away?

I believe God was talking to me through these thoughts.  I pray so hard and sometimes I get so upset that God doesn’t answer my prayers quickly.  But maybe He is telling me timing is everything!

If He gave it to me too soon I wouldn’t appreciate it. Maybe it would cost too much.  But God’s timing is perfect. When God does answer prayers, it’s perfect.  You swell with appreciation.  You cherish your gift and you take nothing for granted.  Your answer comes at the right time and costs you nothing(or at least you get a really good deal).

Renew the right Spirit within me!

Come Holy Spirit
Renew the right spirit within me.

I want to feel your strength.
Remove Satan’s strongholds from my mind.

Help me see my value through your eyes.
Help me see others value through your eyes.

My view of people can be so skewed.
I size up, judge, and do not trust.

I want to feel the good in me
before I feel the bad.

I want see the good in others
before I see the bad.

Help me to see everything through your loving eyes.
Evict Satan from my mind.

Be Still

Lord, my mind is racing.
My breath is shallow.
Be Still you whisper.

The roar of my worries, wants,
and preoccupations scream in my mind.
Deep breaths.
Be Still you whisper.

My chest loosens with each breath.
Be Still and Know.

My shoulders go limp.
My chest relaxes.
I surrender.
Be Still and Know I AM God.

War Room

I saw the movie War Room this weekend.  The theater was completely full.

I was surprised by the diversity of people.  I looked around and thought about how the media tells me these people hate me.  Yet none of them looked like they were full of hate.

Maybe it’s time to believe what you experience rather than what’s on the news.

Faith the size of a Mustard Seed

I’m praying my faith measures up

The more I want something,

the smaller my faith gets.

God has promised me double portions

if I obey and have faith.

But still my wants grow so big

and my faith grows so small.

I pray for God to grow that mustard seed

because I can not.

I just hope my mustard seed is big enough to be fertile.